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Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey

You might not have the budget or the numbers for a full set up station,

but we can definitely still create a delicious assortment of handmade treats for

you & your guests, made using quality ingredients

We make the sweet assortment & you come & collect the treats for your own dessert table!

Choose your selection, enquire about your date & lets get you booked in.


Your selection can be posted around the UK (postage costs are extra)

There is a £200 minimum spend for extras


(Bitesize portions)*

Topped Brownies - 40 pcs = £65

Cookies - 40 x pcs = £85

Brownie Boms - 30 x pcs = £65

Rocky Road - 40 x Bitesize = £73

Rice Crispie Treats - 40 pcs = £65

Brownie/Blondie Skewers - 24 skewers* = £90

Fluff filled Chocolate cups - 24 = £77

Marshmallows - 48 pcs same flavour = From £55


Our marshmallows are NOT suitable for vegetarians or vegans unfortunately,

they are made with bovine gelatin


Chocolate Orange (GF)

Raspberry & White Chocolate (GF)

Sea Salted Caramel (GF)

Strawberry & Milk Chocolate (GF)

Toasted coconut (GF & DF)

Madagascan vanilla - The ‘classic’ (GF & DF)

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