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  • What size are your marshmallows?
    Our marshmallows come in our Signature size of around 3.5cm by 3.5 cm by 3-3.5cm (give or take due to being handcut.
  • Are your marshmallows suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans?
    Unfortunately they are not at this point in time, they are not due to the recipe containing gelatine, but we hope to one day be able to offer a vegan option. Our Marshmallow fluff (only) products are veggie friendly as they don't contain gelatine. They do contain EGG whites, which aren't Vegan friendly. Please check the ingredients against our products for anything that may not be suitable for veggies (i.e. sprinkles etc)
  • I have allergies, are your marshmallows suitable for me?"
    Please see ingredients on shop products for main allergen listings and please contact us if you would like more info on how we make our mallows, what equipment we use etc dependent on your allergen. Our Marshmallow Fluff contains EGG whites instead of gelatine. Our signature marshmallow recipe DOES NOT contain eggs unless there are certian ingredients in it according to the flavour. Please read the ingredients carefully before purchasing, all main allergens are in BOLD. Unfortunately we can't refund your purchase if you mistakenly bought the product without checking the ingredients first, due to the nature of the product. Please be aware that all of our marshmallows and other products are made in a kitchen that handles all known allergens. We DO use peanuts in our products and DO NOT have a designated area or equipment for these products. If you do have a peanut allergy or any other allergy that may kill you, then plesase get in contact before purchasing, as there is always a chance of contamination due to us producing everything in the same kitchen and would strongly advise against purchasing due to this.
  • What are the basic ingredients of your gourmet marshmallows?
    As suggested in the title we only use high quality ingredients in our 'Gourmet' marshmallows, this includes the basics as well. We use high quality fairtrade British Sugar, high quality gelatine procured from a highly reputable ingredients supplier and our own handmade inhouse sugar syrup. We also use other fairtrade and organic ingredients, real fruit purees and pieces and luxury belgian chocolate. We would only ever use a real flavour extract and never an essence.
  • How should I store my marshmallows?
    If you haven't eaten them within 5 minutes of them arriving....I don't know how....but if this is the case, then make sure to store them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight, in a cool dark place and under a temperature of 16C, to keep them at there best. Believe me, toasted marshmallows are great, melted in to one big gooey mess in the bag.....not so great! We know of one customer who this happened to when they forgot them in their car one day over the summer of know the year.....we thought it was coming didn't!
  • How long will my marshmallows last?
    Unlike shop bought highly processed (not shop bought handmade) marshmallows, our mallows don't have long shelf lives on them and will last between 4 to 6 weeks dependent on flavour and if they are stored correctly. Once opened they must be eaten within 5 days, after that they may not be their best and have bene opened to the elements and any micro organisms that cause any kind of food to go off unfortunately.
  • Can I freeze my marshmallows & other goodies?
    We have had customers who have frozen their marshmallows and had great results once defrosted, however this may not be the case everytime. If you do want to freeze yours, pop them in a container and when defrosting let them defrost in the fridge to cut down on them getting damp. We have frozen all cookie cups, marshmallow brownies/blondies and we have good reports from customers who have defrosted the same way as above - We say to freeze and eat within 2 months.
  • Are your marshmallows Halal friendly?
    We recently changed our gelatine to a beef gelatine that is Halal certified, however we are currently using a vanilla extract with the following ingredients: Vanilla Extract with Seeds* (47%) (Water, Vanilla Extract*, Vanilla Seeds*, Ethanol*), Sugar*, Inulin*, Thickener: Tragacanth, *Organically produced
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