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Wedding Favours

Treat your guests to an elegant & delicious gift handmade by us

(All of our favours are individually wrapped)


1 x signature marshmallow lolly - From £2.50​ each

2 signature marshmallows - From £3.00 each 

3 signature marshmallows - From £4.00 each

Belgian chocolate Marshmallow Popsicle - From £4.00 each

Chocolate dipped Cookies - From £3.50 each

Hand painted filled Chocolate Geo Heart - From £5.00 each

 ‘Love You S’more’ – Mini DIY S’mores KIT - From £7.00 each

(Contains Mallows/Chocolate/Stroopwaffle biscuits/mini pot of caramel sauce/toasting skewer)

PLEASE NOTE - There are minimum orders on all wedding favours:

  • 96 pieces of marshmallow minimum

  • 50 popsicles minimum

  • 24 Geo Hearts minimum


Our marshmallows are NOT suitable for vegetarians or vegans unfortunately,

they are made with bovine gelatin


Chocolate Orange (GF)

Raspberry & White Chocolate (GF)

Sea Salted Caramel (GF)

Strawberry & Milk Chocolate (GF)

Toasted coconut (GF & DF)

Madagascan vanilla - The ‘classic’ (GF & DF)

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