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We have created the perfect Easter Goodie Box for 2020!! You wont need anything else this Easter.....just the contents of this box to keep you going through the Easter weekend

Easter Pre Order Goodie Box

  • Marshmallow info...

    Box includes:

    1. 1 x Medium size filled Easter Egg - Brownie, Salted Caramel & Madagascan Marshmallow - Drizzled and topped with a Chocolate Bunny
    2. 1 x 6 pc Bag of our Easter Egg Marshmallows - 3 mixed Egg/3 Creme Egg Chocolate Mousse Marshmallows
    3. 1 x Easter Brownies - Chocolate Brownie, Caramel Egg Centre and Mini Egg topped Madagascan Vanilla Marshmallow
    4. 1 x Mallow Fluff Cookie cup filled with fluff and oreo egg, topped with chocolate and mini egg.
    5. 1 x Marshmallow Brownie fluff Jar


    *Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans

    Shelf Life:

    • Marshmallows last around 6 weeks if stored correctly (Airtight container, in a cool & dark place)
    • Brownies, Fluff Pot, Cookie Cups & Brownie Filled Easter Egg can last up to 14 days - If stored correctly

    We use Fairtrade British Sugar

  • Ingredients info...

    Caramel Egg Marshmallow Brownie: Flour (WHEAT), Sugar, Butter (MILK), EGGS, Dark Chocolate (SOYA), 100% Cocoa Powder - Cadbury Caramel Egg (MILK & SOYA)

    Salted Caramel Brownie & Marshmallow filled Egg: Flour (WHEAT), Sugar, Butter (MILK), EGGS, Dark Chocolate (SOYA), White Chocolate (MILK & SOYA) 100% Cocoa Powder - Cadbury Dairy Egg & Kit Kat Bunny (MILK, BARLEY, LACTOSE, WHEAT, SOYA & ALMONDS)

    Mixed Egg Marshmallows: Sugar, water, gelatine (pork), Organic vanilla paste (vanilla seeds, alcohol (17%), sugar, thickener - xanthan gum), salt, cornflour, icing sugar, rapeseed oil - Malteser Bunny, Oreo Egg, Daim Egg, Mini Eggs, Cadbury dairy egg (MILK, BARLEY, LACTOSE, WHEAT, SOYA)

    Creme Egg Chocolate Mousse Marshmallows: Sugar, water, gelatine (pork), dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa powder, SOYA lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), 100% Cacao powder, Coffee, Organic Vanilla paste (vanilla seeds, alcohol (17%), sugar, thickener - xanthan gum), salt, cornflour, icing sugar, rapeseed oil. -  Cadbury Creme egg (MILK, EGG, SOYA)


    All products may contain traces of all known Allergens

  • Delivery info...

    This Goodie box will be made up fresh and will be posted out in time and ready for Easter due to its fresh content (Brownies).

    You can also choose to collect from either a local market (please see calendar section) or our HQ location: NE13 postcode - By Appt ONLY and only after the 3rd APRIL.